bigbird Air Ventilators

Commercial & Industrial Application with Industrial Base

Sizes: 530mm(21")

bigbird530-1Our BIG BIRD roof mounted Turbines has no bearings. It operates on a machine hardened pivot device. So no more bearings packing up due to loss of lubrication.

The base and adjustable neck is fabricated from 0.6 galvanize Steel. This gives the Turbine a strong and sturdy foundation to sit on. This type of construction prohibits any movement in high winds to unbalance the Turbine thus causing the Turbine to break up.

bigbird-2bigbird-3Our Big Bird is manufactured from imported aluminum and is super light. Lightweight construction allows for unhindered spinning resulting in effective and efficient Ventilation.

A Unique soaker sheet, to prevent leaks to suit most roof types. A specially machine form pressed Trimmer for the underside of the Turbine, to protect your roof insulation



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