bigbird Air Ventilators

Residential, Commercial & Industrial Application with Variable Pitch Base or Industrial Base.

Sizes: 360mm(14")


Nylon Reinforced Bearing Housing BigBird Ventilators feature a nylon fiberglass reinforced bearing housing.

This provides superior strength and effortless working action. Solid 12mm aluminium shaft supports the rotor head. Incorporating wind powered exhaust fan.


All Aluminium, Anti-corrosive Construction (Grade 5005 H34)

Be it rain or shine, BigBird aluminium construction will remain rust-free and it requires no maintenance. Silent Operation Using free wind energy, BigBird operates quietly, making you unaware of its presence. Designed in Australia for Australian conditions.

Turns With the Slightest Breeze

All it takes to turn your BigBird is a slight breeze. Yet, it can with stand wind velocity of 193km/h. The exhaust fan ensures increased exhaust capacity.


Powder Coated Colour Range Available.

BigBird is available in most Colourbond colours.

Steel Ball Bearings Work Indefinitely.

BigBird rotates on two precision steel ball bearings which are individually sealed and lubricated to work for a longer life.

Eave Vent

The eave vent will facilitate the removal of hot and moist air from attic space. Cyclone Tested. Passed Category 2 cyclone test from James Cook University in Queensland Australia.


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