bigbird roof turbine Roof Turbine Ventilators

Commercial & Industrial - 500mm

Our Big Bird is manufactured from imported Fluorocarbon Polyester Coating Aluminum Alloy and is super light. The lightweight construction allows for unhindered spinning for effective and efficient ventilation.

Our turbine ventilators use 3005# aluminium alloy as a base material, with its surface being treated with anti-oxygenized film, on which sprays 20Ám fluorine carbon polyester coating.

Residential - 300mm

Be it rain or shine, BigBird aluminium construction will remain rust-free and it requires no maintenance. Silent Operation Using free wind energy, BigBird operates quietly, making you unaware of its presence. Designed in Australia for Australian conditions making it ideal for South African homes.

Advantages of BigBird Roof Ventilators

Healthy Living * BigBird ventilator is a free spinning roof ventilator that provides fresh air in your roof space and living area all year round 24 hours a day free of charge.

No Cost Operation * BigBird is a self contained, wind powered ventilating system so there are no electricity or wiring expenses incurred. A slight breeze is sufficient to spin the rotary turbines but even without wind it still ventilates...

How it works

A turbine ventilator provides a form of natural ventilation, moving air continually and causing trapped, stale air to be replaced with cleaner, cool air from outside. The turbine is a free-spinning roof ventilator, which uses a combination of wind energy and convection to facilitate air changes.

Roof Turbine as a Natural Ventilator The roof turbine ventilator functions as a natural ventilator when there is a difference in thermal or wind pressure between the inside and outside of the building, which forces...