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Our Big Bird is manufactured from imported Fluorocarbon Polyester Coating Aluminum Alloy and is super light. The lightweight construction allows for unhindered spinning for effective and efficient ventilation.

During the past 15 years Modern Products has supplied evaporative cooling for the following applications: Factories The high air movement is suitable for factories with the benefit of low energy consumption.

Our air conditioners ensure cleaner cooling than any other air conditioners. The components used in these air conditioners have been treated with a unique anti-bacteria formula.

We offer a range of fans to suit your ventilation requirements. Some of the ventilation systems in our range include: Centrifugal Fans, Duct Mounted Axial Fans, Duct Mounted General Fans, Wall & Ceiling Fans, and Noise Control

With the door closed, the turbine rotates, drawing stale air from within the building, through the cabinet and the neck, and expelling it into the atmosphere.