smokebird fire boxSmokebird Fire Ventilators

Single Purpose Ventilation System

The Smoke Bird Fire Box operates with a fusible link, when the temperatures inside the building reach 76 degrees Celsius, the fusible link will melt, releasing the doors and allowing the smoke to escape.

Sizes of boxes are determined based on the vent rate required by the fire department and will be manufactured to suit.

As a natural ventilator

With the door closed, the Big Bird turbine rotates, drawing stale air from within the building, through the neck, and expelling it into the atmosphere. An effective ventilation process ensues with hot, polluted air being replaced with fresh air from outside.
  • Removes hot air.
  • Extracts factory fumes.
  • Improves air quality.
  • Facilitates productivity.
  • Protect stored goods.

Smokebird Vents Technical Layouts Our smokebirds use a fusible link that melts when the temperature inside a buiding reaches 76 degrees.

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