Noise Control

Sonex Series Circular Attenuators

The Q-Tech high performance SONEX circular attenuators are the outcome of a testing and development programme in our insertion loss test facility. Developed to provide high performances the SONEX range is designed for a number of applications. Their prime use is for connecting to fans, but they are also ideal for connecting to supply air grilles or being positioned anywhere throughout a system where attenuation is necessary to remove noise generated by equipment. In all situations they provide a known and dependable insertion loss, giving security to design engineers looking for quality installations in often difficult to handle situations.

Q - Seal Rectangular Duct Attenuators

Q-Seal attenuators have an impervious seal between the acoustic fill and ambient air. They are used when no possibility of fibre fly or ambient contamination of the acoustic fill is allowable. Typical applications are as follows:- - clean rooms - operating theatres - wet environments where attenuators are exposed to the elements - kitchen exhaust systems - applications where workers are sensitive to fibre exposure

Rectangular Duct Attenuators (RS/RT Series)

The units are rigidly constructed and consist of a galvanised sheet metal casing containing a series of centre and side splitters. The casing is provided with Pittsburgh corner seams. End flanges have a red oxide finish and are not drilled as standard unless ordered with matching flanges. The splitters are filled with nonhygroscopic and incombustible material. This material is covered with a gauze scrim and then further covered with galvanised perforated sheet metal. Where attenuators are exposed to the weather, all infill material shall be lined with an impervious film to prevent ingress on moisture. See page H-9 for selections from our Q-Seal range. Standard attenuators are suitable for duct pressures up to 1kPa. Attenuators suitable for higher pressures, or manufactured from special materials such as stainless steel or aluminium, are available on request. In addition special finishes such as epoxy coating can be provided.

Cross-Talk Attenuators

The Q-Tech range of Cross-Talk attenuators has been designed to provide a low resistance to air flow whilst maintaining a high degree of acoustic attenuation. The CT series should be considered wherever a relief air passage is required to penetrate a building’s acoustic barrier. Four styles are available in both standard and high performance configurations:- - CTS - for simple wall penetration above ceiling - CTL - wall to ceiling penetration - CTU - ceiling to ceiling penetration - CTZ - installation within the wall

SBL Series - Sound Bar Louvres

In modern buildings there is an increasing need to provide large air flow openings for plant and equipment, whilst minimising noise impact effects on the environment. The Q-Tech range of aesthetically designed acoustic weatherproof louvres not only acts as an efficient sound barrier, but also permits the accurate prediction of the corresponding resistance to air flow. This enables the designer to confidently match the louvre size precisely to the building plant’s needs. Two models are available in the range, designated SBL1 (300mm deep) for standard applications and SBL2 (600mm deep) for more demanding applications. These units are available in standard module height increments of 250mm, up to a single module size of 2400mm wide and 2250mm high. The design of the louvre profile ensures a high level of sightproofness and an aesthetically-pleasing view from below. Larger opening sizes are catered for by the use of a number of individual modules, site-assembled. This results in simpler site handling and a reduced risk of site damage. Should architectural form require special shapes or sizes please contact your Q-Tech distributor for assistance.

WLA Series - Acoustic Louvres

The use of acoustic louvres or control of plant noise to atmosphere is now a widely accepted practice. AMS Pty Ltd have developed a compact louvre, which ensures weather protection with significant acoustic performance and pleasing visual aspect. AMS acoustic louvres are supplied in galvanised or aluminium finishes. Plastic coatings, anodised aluminium or special paint finishes are available on request. Common applications for acoustic louvres are plant room air intakes and exhausts, cooling towers, refrigeration equipment, diesel generators, air cooled condensers and screen wall applications. To compliment the WLA acoustic louvres series AMS can provide matching profile standard weather louvres, these being designed type WL or for blanked off sections type WLD. All being available in the same finish options as for the WLA type acoustic louvres.

POWERLINE ® Series - Centrifugal Fans

The PowerLine® Series of duct mounted in-line centrifugal fans is suitable for supply or exhaust from applications ranging from residential, through commercial, to industrial.

Circular Duct Attenuators

The units are rigidly constructed and consist of an outer cylindrical galvanised steel casing, lined internally with non hygroscopic and incombustible sound absorbent material. This material is retained by an inner perforated metal cylinder. An impervious lining of the acoustic infill can be provided to prevent the ingress of moisture or grease. There is a small performance penalty in high frequencies when an impervious lining is fitted. Refer to our Sales Engineers if more information is required.

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