Duct Mounted Fans-General Flow

Multiflow Series - Mixed Flow Fans

The Multiflow® Series of duct mounted mixed-flow fans is suitable for supply or exhaust from applications ranging from residential, through commercial, to industrial. A particular feature of this product is its low noise levels.

Compact PowerPlus

The Compact ‘PowerPlus’ is specifically developed for high pressure requirements with the Contra-Rotating design that ensures higher performance without increased noise levels and operating costs. The Compact ‘PowerPlus’ comprises three standard sizes - 500, 560 and 630mm diameter - with a duty range of between 1,8 to 4,3 m3/sec and provide static pressures of up to 600 Pa. The units are suitable for external mounting.

Axial Fans - Short Case Series

The Short Case Axial Series 2000 fans is designed for duct mounting. The fans are suitable for a wide range of applications. Galvanised steel casings are rolled and flanged mild steel and hot-dip galvanised as standard. Impellers are of injection moulded glass reinforced plastic. Aluminium blades are an optional extra.

Axial Fans - Minitube Series

The Cased Tube Prop ventilating fan with its high exhaustion power can get rid of all kinds of foul and damp air. It is best fit for ventilating factories, warehouses, restaurants, kitchens and other locations where powerful ventilation is necessary. The fan is of mild steel and epoxy coated with a spunned inlet bowlmouth and flanged on the opposite side.

Accoustic Cabinet Fans - CAB Series

The CAB range of acoustically lined cabinet fans, comprising of six nominal sizes, are specifically designed to provide extract ventilation solutions for noise sensitive environments, such as commercial offices, restaurants and cafes, libraries and public buildings etc. The models are supplied with a remote mounting wiring outlet box to facilitate installation and connection to external controls. Air volume performance ranges from 200 up to 3950 m3/hr.

Accoustic Cabinet fans - CVB Series

The Centribox CVB range of acoustic cased fans are specifically designed to provide ventilation solutions for noise sensitive environments and incorporate direct-drive low pressure centrifugal fans. Typical installations would include commercial offices, restaurants and cafes, libraries and public buildings etc.

In-Line Duct Fans - TDM Series

TDM 100 TDM 200 TDM 300The TDM 100, 200 and 300 is a range of plastic in-line axial fans designed to be used with short lengths of ducting or for installation within a wall or similar structure. All models incorporate single phase 230V 50Hz asynchronous shaded pole motors. Class II, Protection IPX4

In-Line Duct Fans - CSD Series

The fan casing is manufactured in galvanised sheet steel with a removable access door for easy accessibility to the motor and fan fitted as standard. The inlet and outlet is flanged for easy ductwork connection. The fan has a low noise level and the motor is thermally protected.

In-Line Duct Fans - ILT / ILB Series

The ILT/ILB range of centrifugal low pressure fans are suitable for many general ventilation applications where the fan is required to be installed within a rectangular ducted ventilation system or where the space for installation is limited. Due to the configuration for the design, the dimension of the fan section would be no greater than that of the proposed nominal ducting.

Mixed Flow Fans - Mixvent Series

The Mixvent Series is a very compact design of mixed-flow fans that is part of a very flexible system designed specifically for use in homes, hotels and apartments etc., as well as for hot and cold air transfer from one room to another.

Centrifugal Fans - Ventmajor Series

The HIT Series of duct mounted centrifugal in-line fans is suited to a wide range of residential, commercial and industrial exhaust or supply air applications, such as toilets, kitchens, bathrooms, offices, restaurants and equipment cooling. All models are designed for direct connection to standard diameter circular ducting and comes standard with manufacturing.

A Series - Compact Axial Fans

The A Series of compact axial fans is designed for use in applications ranging from computer equipment cooling to the ventilation of light boxes and switchboards.

CLEANPACK fan filters

The CLEANPACK range of Standard and Heavy Duty fan-filters units meet the demands of varied applications requiring dustfree and clean air conditions utilising standard production componentry such as fans and filters. Manufactured in three dimensions, the range extends to six variations by selection of appropriate filtration media allowing for standard dust protection with filter efficiencies ranging from 80% through to 99%. The units are designed to accept any standard dimension proprietary filter combination.

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